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Canon Photography Training

Canon Photography Training – This is a wide variety of subjects focusing on Canon cameras, focus systems and photographic software. All of the courses below are presented by Andrew Aveley, one of the only Private Canon Instructors endorsed by CANON SOUTH AFRICA to present these courses with their support and quality assurance. 

Course costs and details for presentation in Knysna

R 950.00 pp – This is for 2 to 6 persons (Larger groups on request and subject to official quote)

R 1500.00 per person for a private session (Max 2 persons)

Larger groups throughout South Africa available on request

The following are the training Sections/topics I will cover on each of the workshops. 

Canon Focus System

Over the last few years, Canon has redesigned the focus system on most of the Pro and Semi-pro camera bodies. With this in mind, I  have compiled a how-to workshop to help you understand the system in a simple and efficient way.

What we cover during our session:

  • Focus methods
  • Focus area section options
  • Focus point selection shortcuts/customer settings
  • Back button focus vs shutter button selection
  • Canon Case System 1- 6
  • Focus menu set up and customisation.

Requirements: Working Knowledge of your Canon DSLR



Digital Photo Professional 4

Canon provides a free and effective development software with all DSLR cameras. It is called Digital Photo Professional 4. This is an extremely powerful RAW converter that can be used for ALL levels of photographers. I use it extensively for images that need that perfect colour profile and corrections for print purposes. This can be used in conjunction with your preferred editing suite.

What we cover during our session:

  • Software overview
  • Image technical corrections
  • Cropping
  • Image development

Requirements: The Most recent version of DPP 4 uploaded on PC/MAC notebook.


Canon Print Workflow

Canon photographic systems form a unique part of the entire Canon product range. One can take an image, develop it, and then print it on canon media and printers. This ensures that all the elements and profiles flow seamlessly through and no deviations can be had.

This is a basic development and printing course using the Pixma Pro range of printers. it does not cover large format printing but does allow you to prepare your images to a point where the industrial printers can do a great job.

Requirements: DPP Software / Lightroom / Photoshop, Canon Print Studio Professional, Laptop,
Digital Image’s files to print.




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