Document your Project

Document your Project

Document your Project. Are you an owner builder, building contractor or development specialist? If so then I have a great.

Document your Project for you to from start to finish through high-quality digital images.  Using the specialized architectural photographic equipment I can document the entire project from start to finish. The images can be used to show each completed stage for “draw” purposes and to ensure that you or your client can be updated weekly or every other week.


an image of the interior of Beacon House on Document your Project page


What does the project documentation consist of :

  • High res images available for print and or web use
  • Reports on a flexible basis as agreed ( Weekly or bi-monthly)
  • Complete digital presentation on completion of the project

Please note that costs will be submitted on completion of project layout and number of visits required by the client.

Optional Extras

  • Drone aerial photography
  • High-quality project coffee table book
  • Complete interior/exterior portfolio of completed project

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