The Knysna photographer. Top-quality visual content is vital to the success of any commercial business, whether you’re providing a service or a product.  Consumers shop with their eyes and only high-quality, professional photographs or video material can showcase the product in its true form can give them the real impression of the products or service on offer.

I, Andrew Aveley, have been part of the Knysna community for the past 27 years, and love to see success in the various industries. I offer all-inclusive commercial photography and videography service, including drone footage tailored to suit all your commercial needs through the Knysna Photographer.

These include material for, website, advertising, digital marketing, products, food, interiors and so much more. Together with my team we are always evolving and coming up with innovative ways to help our clients with their online presence. All the commercial photography in my portfolio have been captured for our local companies.

With the super evolving digital age, all companies need an online presence and many people have relooked the way they do business. I look forward to helping you with your visual aesthetics and helping you go from strength to strength.

Registered with with the leading industry standards bodies:

SAPP – South African Professional Photographers

SAFREA – South African Freelancers Association

Why use our services ?

20 years experience in multiple avenues of photography

Affordable, professional, high quality standards, professionally trained and we get the shots you need.


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